COVID - 19 Update : A Message to our Guests CHECK NOW


Over the approaching days and weeks, we'll make preparations to open up some of our Hotels

Our future visitors will hope to see noticeable signs that we have found to protect them while they are in one of our resorts. Cleanliness, safety and security are currently of foremost significance. It will be key to our success that we tend to show our guests that their welfare has been taken care of. the subsequent precautions are designed to assist our hotels comprehend, arrange and mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The underneath measures contains clear data and suggestions on on adjusting operation procedures. High-coating new thoughts of how our hotels can respond to the changes. The is just a base, it'll see various advancement within the returning weeks supported rehearses and practices.

Our group is working with International Hygiene and Safety audit specialists in the hotel risk management to actualise the "Prevention of Spread of Infection" (POSI) management system. The toolbox's specialised references are the WHO and the Egyptian Ministry of Health (MoH):

General Disinfection for Hotels:

• Under the COVID-19 flare-up and after last visitor departure, general purification techniques were finished by Lagoon View Hotels team with special consideration given to the use of cleaning and sanitation measures in all hotels areas. We sanitise each now and then the entrances, public areas, rooms, back area of the hotels, vehicles and extraordinary thought is given to high touched zones


Human Resources and workers Training:

Special getting ready programs smitten by the concept "Help the Hotels" are continued regular basis for all hotels workers. They incorporate all measures, precautionary measures, techniques, suggestions on how to deal with the circumstance expertly and how to secure our staff individuals and our guests


Reception and Concierge:

Giving awareness signs/handouts about approaches to prevent the spread of COVID-19 contamination and authority updates travel data. Full medical aid method and suspending plenty of services to contain the pandemic but very much like may moderately be expected. Estimating everybody's temperature systematically associated having an index with phone numbers of all hospitals, medical and help centres, if there ought to arise an occasion of any case. Past travel records within the last 14 days are taken from each registration visitor for record monitoring


Hotel Rooms:

Having a s sanitary hotel room is one of our priorities under typical conditions however with Coronavirus cases mounting on the world, it's a vital method of shielding our visitors from getting the COVID-19. Giving a steam machine to purify furnishings and depending on self-service in tidying up rooms. work team is often ready on Lagoon View Hotels POSI strategy and the way to touch upon tainted or suspected rooms



Various measures from food preparation to feeding experience are accessorial to ensure food cleanliness safety. We will be serving a “closed buffet”, which means our chefs will be serving the food depending on our guest’s choices from the buffet, by maintaining the foremost important procedures of cleanup over our buffets. Eating tables and seats are cleaned with assigned disinfectant before serving new guests, so our visitors can locate a wonderful and safe eating involvement with all restaurants


Hotel Leisure Facilities:

Spa has been suspended. The gym and the children's area will be working with severe guidelines to guarantee safety. Cleaning the pool area and keeping at any rate a 2 meter separation between each sunbed


Reading and Playing Rooms, and Cash Machines:

It is viewed as a high level of connection among visitors and workers. This requires explicit attention and can be just completed with the consent of the local specialists


Maintenance, Safety and Security:

All hotel equipment and facilities have been sterilized, cooling and water cleansing procedure are carefully applied. Maintenance of pest control, fire and food sanitation



Signage with data and directions of how to prevent the pandemic spread


Shops/Bazars/Clinics/Diving Centers:

Giving full directions to follow the hotel safety and hygiene rules including exacting cleaning and sanitization plan and Staff COVID-19 Protocol. Having enough amount to clients of hand soaps and hand sanitizers. Keeping up social distance and help visitors to remember hand sanitizer before leaving



Suppliers of goods and services just as contractual workers follow safe frameworks of work to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Great correspondence with providers to make sure about all the necessary supplies



To allow hotels to execute perfectly, it is suggest that the cleanliness group support the hotel’s general activity and help the management to apply the rules easily. The cleanliness group must be educated about COVID-19 and its avoidance


General Manager’s Role:

Takes fitting restorative and preventive actions and constantly improves the viability of the program, by ensuring that all his staff individuals are exceptionally mindful of their jobs and acquainted with the program prerequisites to guarantee everybody's safety and health


Crisis Team:

An emergency group including individuals from each significant departments can support the management in the usage of the action plan and convenient recognisable proof of required changes. This will empower the hotel to work easily and still meet customer's desire while keeping up a significant level of cleanliness in the hotel


In Case of an Infected Person at the Hotel:

A proceeded stay of the infected individual in the hotels is not suggested. The individual can be disengaged in a room on a transitory premise until the intervention of a hotel doctor or local health authorities, and the room given is not shared with other guests. No guests ought to be allowed to go into the room involved by the influenced guest


Documents and Records:

Making and refreshing the COVID-19 related archives, consider plans and systems that ought to be set up. Guarantee that reports and records are held for half a year for traceability. Guarantee consistence to government requests, rules and safety warnings on the COVID-19


Required Equipment:

This includes; face masks, hand gel, hair net, gloves, thermometers, long sleeve gown, disposable aprons, eye protection, disinfectants for all departments. Steam machine for delicate furnishings and floor markings for wherever where social separation is required


Application of the Protocol:

All Lagoon View hotels are required to apply this protocol which is depends on WHO and the Egyptian Ministry of Health’s (MoH) instructions. Extra plans or data can be added according to each hotel


We Wish you a happy and safe stay at Lagoon View Hotels!